Friday, May 26, 2006

sk8ter dawg

whoa! check out my bud, Jim. He's a supa-cool canine, who rocks the board, man. If you think this cool, you should see him do an ollie.

Any other talented pets out there? Show me what ya got.

I have a few talents of my own, don't want to intimidate anyone. Yep, loads of cool things. Loads. I'm not one to rub a schnauzer's nose in it, ya know.


Totally Gnarly, Dude.

Go ahead... bark along. I am totally digging the Gnarls Barkley vibes. Don't fight it. There's going to be some tail-waggin' tonight!

You've probably heard the rumours. The question on everyone's mind. Even the site,, acknowledges the international speculation. And yes, the rumours that I know the identity of the infamous Gnarls are also spreading fast. Now, I'm not going to say anything about it... except...a name like that doesn't come outta thin air.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ready, Set, Fetch!

Timmie, Doggie Outfitters is about to bring a whole new shopping experience to the metropolitan's pet set. All the hot styles -– from the LA style-hounds to the NY trend-setters -– right here in trendy T-dot. We've got the bling - Swarovski crystals, collars, jewels; the threads -– Little Lily, Hello Kitty; and the hottest doggy carriers ever - I'm talking travelling in serious style.

So, how 'bout all you cool cats and hot dawgs stop by to say yo...and chill in our cool new space...June 3.