Friday, December 21, 2007

Timmie Doggie Outfitters - Leslieville - Opening Spring 2008

Timmie Doggie Outfitters will be a 2 store operation in the Spring of 2008. We are planning to open shop in the beautiful Lesliville. More to come. Thx for all your support and have a great holidays.

Monday, December 10, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas Charity Auction - Thank You - Raised $10,000.00

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you for making 12 Beds of Christmas such a success!!!!

With your help, we raised $10,000 for the Toronto Humane Society! This far exceeded our initial expectations, which speaks to the caliber of the folks that helped us out and to the enormous generosity of the doggie lovers! We were truly blown away!!

BTW, Santa will be at Timmie Doggie Outfitters this coming Saturday, December 15th for pictures with our 4-legged friends. It will be on a donation basis, drop by and have a hoot!

Again, my most sincere gratitude…. Best wishes for a safe & happy holiday season.

Paul Ryu
Timmie, Doggie Outfitters Inc.
867 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1G4

Telephone: 416.203.6789
Facsimile: 416.203.9995

Santa at Timmie Doggie Outfitters - Saturday, December 15h.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Sassy pooch beds crafted by hot designers are auctioned for a good cause

Lauren Ferranti-Ballem, National Post
Published: Saturday, November 24, 2007

A dog bed sends many messages. You love your pooch. He deserves a special spot. And you don't want your couch covered in canine hair. Though it's meant for your four-legged friend, your choice of dog bed is ultimately a reflection of your style (or lack thereof). "The dog is an extension of your aesthetic," says Paul Ryu, co-owner of Timmie Doggie Outfitters on Queen Street West. "He's not going to say, 'Ruff, I want the camo print.' " A plaid poof says laidback, canvas is utilitarian and Ultrasuede equals ultra cool. But a custom-designed dog bed from Timmie's suggests a new breed of stylish philanthropy.

Mr. Ryu and his partners in doggie design -- Timmie co-owner Georges Khayat and his wife, Angela Suh -- launched the first annual Twelve Beds of Christmas Charity Auction this past Thursday at the King West M5V Condominiums presentation centre, where a dozen dog beds created by Canadian graphic, interior and fashion designers, architects, artists and TV personalities were auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Toronto Humane Society. Inspired by the frenzy for Timmie's in-store "pet pictures with Santa" last year (also for the Humane Society) as well as the Gardiner Museum's annual Twelve Trees of Christmas gala, where professionally trimmed conifers are auctioned off to the highest black-tied bidders, Mr. Ryu decided to combine his love of dogs, design and charity into one hip party. "There's never been an event like this for the dogs, so why not?" he says.

Pet owners previously oblivious to their dogs' slumber needs may be forgiven for splashing out on a designer bed, if not for charity then for its homegrown star power. Mr. Ryu was pleasantly surprised by the speedy, enthusiastic response he received from the designers he solicited, including: HGTV's Designer Guys (Allen Chan, Matt Davis and Anwar Mukhayesh), Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe; House & Home's Lynda Reeves; Mikey Richardson of AmoebaCorp; artists Derrick Hodgson and Brandon Steen; illustrator Bernice Lum; Hambly & Woolley design group; Toronto Living reporters; and fashion designers Dev ( aujcollections. com) and Catherine Ryu ( L. A.-based Adriano Goldschmeid jeans).

The beds are as varied as their creators and they are all beautiful, showcasing offbeat designs with a lot of personality to suit any decor ( and dog).

Professed doodling artist Derrick Hodgson cobbled together sketches of dog-like creatures, inspired by his daily romps with his puppy, Cree, and had them screen-printed on to punchy pink fabric -- a signature colour in his artwork. " Having a pup opens up the community a lot more," he says. " Going to the dog park and seeing all the shapes and sizes of canines is very inspiring and comical." While he doubts he'd ever drop hundreds of dollars on a dog bed -- he'd rather invest in a luxurious scrap of shearling -- he admits it is important to have cool canine accoutrements in the home. " It's just as important as buying a nice chair or a teak cabinet -- it becomes a part of the overall decor."

Catherine Ryu chose her preferred medium -- denim -- as a starting point. " It's so durable, the more you wash it the softer if gets," she says. " Plus, if the owner has designer jeans, why not their dog?" Originally conceived as a deep indigo, the denim was repeatedly washed down to prevent the colour from running. " I didn't want a light Pomeranian's belly to turn blue from snuggling into the bed too much," Ms. Ryu says. The result is classic ' 80s acid wash -- a bleached out, sky-blue bed wi th belt loops sewn to the sides ( to make dragging it from room to room easy) and the AG Jeans logo stamped on top. " I imagine this bed in a comfortable family room where people gather," she says. " It's definitely meant for a laidback environment as opposed to a minimalist, formal one."

The home design pros delivered sophisticated beds with clean lines and a neutral palette. Ms. Reeves's creation, a study in charcoal grey with cream piping, could slip effortlessly into her hotel-inspired House & Home collection of towels and linens. The Designer Guys effort, what Allen Chan dubs " a snapshot into a dog's dream," features a chic linework of dog bones raining down on a black silk background -- the canine design equivalent of a black and white framed photograph. " A cool, affordable dog bed -- one that's not too goofy or childish-- isn't easy to find these days," says Mr. Chan. " In fact, I'm thinking of buying my own at the auction. My dog needs a new one."

Other notable beds include aujCollection's sassy prep-school design of wide black and white stripes and hot pink piping; Mikey Richardson's punkified blood-red crest ( it reads " Felines begone") on prim beige toile; and Bernice Lum's gracefully hand-drawn dachshund bed. Each one is an art piece first, yet they remain dog beds by virtue of form and function. But why shouldn't high design be available to all walks, number of legs notwithstanding? Mr. Ryu's business is built around $ 100 food bowls and chi-chi chew toys and his rationale is entirely convincing: " You're going to get a dog bed anyway, so it doesn't make sense to buy something cheap and ugly that you have to hide in the closet when company comes over."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Twelve Beds of Christmas - Thursday, November 22 @ 7pm

12 Beds of Christmas - Lynda Reeves Bed

Lynda Reeves is one of Canada’s leading personalities in the fields of interior design, decorating and lifestyle trends.

She is President of House & Home Media, the Toronto based company that brings you Canadian House & Home magazine, the television show House& Home with Lynda Reeves, House & Home: Style for Living merchandise at Hbc’s The Bay and Home Outfitters stores and the new brand NEST: Style for Casual Living, available at Zellers across Canada.

This highly successful home brand has both inspired and empowered Canadians to pursue the latest home trends for 20 years.

Lynda continues to promote excellence in Canadian design through her weekly column in CANWEST National newspapers.

Friday, November 16, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas - aujCollections Bed

Dev is the co-designer of the oft-tread country club fashion label, aujCollections. The clothing line, which is a collection of bright, preppy pieces and graphic orientated tees, also has a social function. With every cashmere-lined tee sold by aujCollections, the customer is given an access number, which they can plug into in order to receivefree mentorship enabling them to do something to better their world.
Customer’s projects have ranged from building water purification plants in Ugandan villages to helping out in a local Queen West soup kitchen. Dev, 23, also runs a non-governmental organization called, which helps youth in over 27 countries start community service projects. Dev maintained the aujCollections flare by designing a dog bed with the + 70 yachting culture in mind, “you can never be too safe” says Aujla on the durable outdoor canvas he used for the bed, “but I wanted to design a bed that would appeal to the Rod Stewarts and Nicolaas Besselings of the canine world.”

12 Beds of Christmas - Hambly & Woolley Bed

Hambly & Woolley Inc. was founded in 1990 by illustrator Bob Hambly and graphic designer Barb Woolley as a marriage of art and design. This continues to influence what is today a multidisciplinary design group: Creating thought-provoking work that achieves exactly what it needs to do. Lucid communication, without excess. Elegant solutions that appeal to the senses – not forgetting the senses of surprise and humour.
Hambly & Woolley Inc. has received over 300 international design awards from organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Graphis, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and the Advertising and Design Club of Canada.

12 Beds of Christmas - Bernice Lum Bed

Bernice is a graduate of Sheridan College School of Visual Arts in 1984. After graduation, she freelanced for various design companies including Citytv / Muchmusic. From 1988-1997, she resided in the UK where she pursued her illustration career. So far, Bernice has over 30 children’s books published and continues to work for clients in the UK, USA and Canada.

12 Beds of Christmas - Brandon Steen Bed

Born to Irish parents, Brandon’s dark childhood continues to influenece his artistic development. He took great comfort in exploring the fields behind his Nan’s and the marshes down at this Gram’s. It was places such as these that the young Brandon found solace in harvesting dew worms, studying decaying birds and watching carp literally kill themselves on the east beaches of Lake Erie during run seasons. Being isolated in small towns through the summer enabled Brandon’s imagination to grow into the imaginary worlds of sadness and humor.
His paintings are rich, textured home to an array of sinisterly beautiful characters and creatures woven together with pop references from his boyhood. This has led the award winning artist to be collected and sought after by the preeminent US galleries in the Pop Surrealist movement today. Galleries such as La Luz De Jesus (LA), Subject Matter (Costa Mesa), Thinkspace (LA), Compound (Portland), WindUp (Phoenix), Gallery 1988 LA (LA), to La Petit Mort (Ottawa) to The Magic Pony Gallery (Toronto) to name just a few.
Brandon Steen was born in Leamington, Ontario. He currently lives and works in Hogtown with his beloved Miss Jane where he paints happiest with his English Bull Terrier Mr. Séamus at his heels amongst the ever growing rows of vinyl sculptures, antique toys and honey tins, books, and the ashes of Clancy his first English Bull Terrier and always his studio filled with the sweet music of Johnny Cash.

12 Beds of Christmas - Toronto Living Bed

Debuting in the Fall of 1997, toronto [living] has become one of Rogers Television’s most highly-viewed programs. Each week our team of reporters bring you the very best our world-class city has to offer. From art galleries to restaurants to fashion and shopping, toronto [living] delivers the goods each week in a stylish half-hour magazine format.

12 Beds of Christmas - Catherine Ryu Bed

Catherine Ryu is Head Woven’s Designer at LA based jean brand Adriano Goldschmeid. Straight out of university Cat was scouted to design for Club Monaco and quickly realized New York was where she needed to be. After paying her dues at Urban Outfitters in Philly for 2 years to secure her O1 Visa, NYC beckoned. Head hunted to CK Jeans she finally settled in at The Gap. 4 years in and on her way to a serious New York lifestyle including the Part Avenue apartment, she decided the constant hustle and freezing cold winters just weren’t doing it for her anymore, Cat upped stakes and moved to LA-LA. When asked “Why AG?” she simply reports, “They have this AMAZING denim R&D centre, it’s world renowned…” Everything about Cat is quality. She emanates strength and intelligence, with a side order of free-spirited nature girl. Whether it’s Cartier or camping, she’ll school you. Teach us oh wise one…

12 Beds of Christmas - Mikey Richardson Bed

Mikey is a Kitchener born, Toronto based artist & designer.
As one of the founding partners of the Toronto design firm AmoebaCorp, he acts as Co-Creative Director and is responsible for helping to createand oversee the internationally recognized work of AmoebaCorp’s progressive studio.
A much awarded graduate of the Communication and Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Richardson has returned to OCAD as a faculty member, serving as an instructor for the past 4 years.

12 Beds of Christmas - Derrick Hodgson Bed

Derrick Hodgson is a Toronto-based artist who’s paintings and drawings are renderings of complex social spaces crowded with familiar and mutated characters. Hodgson grew up on a farm and subsequently moved to Toronto. This progression from nature to urban provided the breeding grounds for the first seeds of mania. Using aspects of cartoon, graffiti and contemporary design, Hodgson created a style and environment that quickly advanced him to the forefront of contemporary art and character design. In the past few years Hodgson has exhibited his work in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Melbourne. In addition to this he was the first Canadian artist to be recognized by Sony Creative in Japan where his character illustrations were transformed into 3-D art figures and sold in gatcha-gatcha machines across Japan. This quick rise to success led Hodgson to be a key speaker at the Berlin Pictoplasma Conference in 2004 and 2006. 

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Globe and Mail Article - November 10, 2007

Pets: Cat-Sized Pups
As the number of people living in condos goes up, the average size of canines running around the park is shrinking

Jose Lourenço
Special to The Globe and Mail
November 10, 2007

There's a natural bowl in Trinity-Bellwoods Park where men and women stand apart and in clusters, holding charge-less leashes and watching their dogs run about. Last Tuesday afternoon, I counted seven dogs there. Five of them were the size of toasters.

Toronto clearly has a snuggle affair with the mini-pups, and it seems that condos have had a hand in the downsizing of our dogs.

Jacquelyn and Dave Cyr live in a two-bedroom unit in the Westside Lofts at King and Bathurst. In September, they brought home four-month-old Darby, half pug, half shih tzu. Slightly smaller than two outstretched hands, she has a short white coat dappled with chestnut and grey, and her face features the saddest sad puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen. She looks like someone just ran over her dog ... friend.

"She's nine pounds," Mrs. Cyr says. "She won't get much bigger than this.

"We were looking for a small breed," she adds. "Dogs are so much work to train, we weren't ready to handle the dirty dog business of a big mutt in our downtown condo."

Although Westside Lofts does allow bigger breeds, at many other condominiums in the city, size is the determining factor in whether condo owners are allowed to keep a dog. A common weight restriction - at buildings such as Palace Pier on Lake Shore Boulevard and 25 The Esplanade - allows condo owners to have dogs under 25 pounds only. Because unit owners aren't renters, they must abide by their building's declaration and are not protected by Section 15 of the Tenant Protection Act, which states that a landlord cannot legally mandate a "no pets" clause (save for extreme cases).

Dog-owning condo residents have become a large enough breed that George Khayet, Paul Ryu and Angela Suh, co-owners of Timmie Doggie Outfitter on Queen West, stock their shop with products that particularly appeal to the tiny, well-designed life, whether they be impeccably crisp water bowls, handsome steel food bins, or dog beds so luxe they make me despise my box spring.

"We see a lot of pugs, a lot of Boston terriers, Jack Russells, that sort of dog," Mr. Ryu says. "And new designer dogs too, like mini-poodles mixed with everything else.

"In the past, you would see bigger and bigger dogs in the city, but now you're looking at a lot of compact doggies that are compatible with smaller areas."

The shop has been open since June, 2006, and Mr. Ryu says Timmie's customer base has steadily increased, attributing some of the store's success to its location. "There's a massive dog park across the street, and it's a massive shopping district.

"Mostly people who shop in this neighbourhood are young ladies who live in condos," he adds.

The ladies or gentlemen who do stop by will find more than a few items that would look lovely in their homes.

"You can spend $200 on a bed here," Mr. Ryu says. "You could get a $20 bed at Costco, but that bed you're going to have to squish somewhere when people come over."

For those interested in what a $200 doggie bed looks like and who would also like to see some money go to the Toronto Humane Society, Timmie Doggie Outfitters is hosting an event called "The 12 Beds of Christmas Charity Auction" on Nov. 22, when they will auction off one-of-a-kind designer puppy beds.

The event, naturally, is located at the M5V Condominium Presentation Centre.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

NOW Magazine - Best of Toronto

Best pet accessories
867 Queen West, 416-203-6789,

West-end pet people hunting for Fido and kitty accessories from the cutesy to the modern shop Timmie Doggie Outfitters.

Friday, October 05, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas Charity Auction

Timmie Doggie Outfitters presents the Inaugural 12 Beds of Christmas Charity Auction on November 22, 2007 at M5V Condominium Presentation Centre. The venue is located at 363 King St. W and Blue Jays Way. Reception, Silent Auction and Live Auction from 7pm to 10pm.

We will showcase 12 one of a kind Dog Beds created by Canadian architects/ tv personalities /artists /graphic, interior, fashion designers to be auctioned off to go towards the Toronto Humane Society. 100% of the donations will go towards the society.

We're very excited about our 12 one of a kind dog beds designed by:
Aaron Aujla, Designer Guys, Hambly & Woolley Inc., Derrick Hodgson,
Bernice Lum, Lynda Reeves, Mikey Richardson, Sarah Richardson,
Catherine Ryu, Thomas Smythe, Brandon Steen and Toronto Living.

Tickets are $20 Advance, and $30 at the event.
Tickets include hors oeuvres and beverages.
Tickets are available at Timmie Doggie Outfitters - 867 Queen St. W.
Please visit for more information.

Paul Ryu
Timmie, Doggie Outfitters Inc.
867 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1G4

Telephone: 416.203.6789
Facsimile: 416.203.9995

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ringo's Big Camping Adventure

Hello Paul & George.

Sorry for not writing you in so long. It has been a great summer and its still not over.

After getting outfitted with my new Ruff Wear Life Jacket we headed up north to the cottage.

The cottage is inside Algonquin Park Ontario, to get there after the long drive you must take a boat to the other end of the lake. It's very remote and there is no electricity so everything runs on propane, the refrigerator, stove and lights. (how TV).

Attached are some photos taken while I was swimming, scanning the lake bottom and also my sleeping bag. It was so much fun and I loved using my lifejacket while riding in the boat and swimming in the lake. My owners, Shoshana & Martin had so much fun it was almost like being at summer camp. I made friends with the chipmunks and the loons. We are going to watch "Firehouse Dog " on my portable DVD Player. Speak to you soon as I need to get my Fall wardrobe ready.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puffy,...He's really Smiling!

I guess Puffy was really happy with his Grooming. Andrea did a great job!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Poodle with a Mohawk and Legwarmers

Our Client had asked Andrea to Groom his Poodle with a Mohawk and Legwarmers. I think she did a great job!

Doggies Groomed by Andrea Miller - Head Groomer at Timmie Doggie Outfitters

Hi there, just wanted to let you know that our Grooming Spa is fully operational. And we're very lucky to have such an amazing Groomer working with us. Her name is Andrea Miller and she has been just amazing with our clients. Just ask the staff at Queen West Animal Hospital about the Grooming at Timmie Doggie Outfitters. They can tell you by experience.

At our Grooming Spa, we do not Cage dogs. They either stay in the Grooming Area with Andrea or chills out with us in the office space at the back of the retail space.

Timmie Doggie Outfitters
867 Queen St. W
Toronto, Ontario

416 203 6789

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


HI EVERYONE, Amber, a youthful senior beagle cross needs his forever home. Please spread the word to good people about this sweet boy and if anyone is interested, please email me back or call Adopt-a-Dog/Save-a-Life, 416-787-3862,
thanks so much, dora


Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Sex: Male
ID: Amber 170707

Notes: Amber is a handsome, neutered, beagle mix. He weighs approximately 42 lbs and is in very good health. He is a very youthful senior. He is housetrained. Amber is good with dogs, cats and people. He is a wonderful boy who is looking for a new home to call his own. Please call for more information.
This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been alter

Toronto, ON

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cosmo: Bring on the Grocery!

Check out Cosmo,...
Don't mess with boys and their toys. Sporting his new Gear and Hair-Do from Timmie Doggie Outfitters. He's such a stud!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Farewell Bear (NOV 1990 - JUNE 12, 2007)

On June 12th, we lost our good buddy Bear. He will be missed very much.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Toronto Star Article - June 2, 2007



We don't really condone dressing up one's pets or dyeing their fur to match one's hair. It's just asking for the critter to turn on you and rip out your throat or, at the least, pee in your shoes.

That said, if there is an occasion to play doggie dress-up, it's at Woofstock, held June 9 and 10 at the St. Lawrence Market 'hood at Front and Jarvis. They will also be closing down parts of Church and Market Sts.

We meet Woofstook organizer Marlene Cook and her 13-year-old wheaton terrier, Barkley, at Timmie Doggie Outfitters at 867 Queen St. W. The shop was not named after Timmie of Lassie fame. It was named after co-owner Paul Ryu's oldest dog, a Lab mix.

Timmie offers designer toys, clothes, accessories, treats, gourmet food and grooming "for the posh pooch and glamour puss." There is even a Zen-like spa space in the basement where Fido can get a massage.

We notice a pile of Hello Kitty T-shirts for dogs. "Dogs don't mind wearing them," insists co-owner Georges Khayat.

Even Barkley is not averse to cross-dressing, insists Cook, founder of The Old Clothing Show & Sale.

"Barkley loves clothes," she says, manipulating him into a Rambo camouflage outfit.

The dog eyes the $44 leather collars. Cook has no problem spending that much. Even $30 for a skull tank top that would only fit a teeny, weenie fashion accessory dog.

"I have a grown-up son, Jared, 23, and the dogs (Cook has another dog, Sydney, 8) are my kids," she explains. "I buy tons of stuff for them; I bring back gifts for them. In Canada, the pet industry is a $4 billion industry, with $2 billion spent on luxury items."

Cook carries a dog tote bag. She swears that she wasn't even a dog person until she got Barkley.

"I got hooked," she allows. "The next thing you know, I made coats for dogs: Barkley's Best Dog Wear. I sold them in New York and California. I made recycled cashmere sweaters for dogs 10 years ago. I was way ahead of my time."

Cook runs the Sunday Antique Market in the St. Lawrence Market. This is the fifth year for Woofstock.

"It has doubled in size and tripled in attendance. There were 140,000 people (last year)," she says, most of whom had dogs with them.

"I do events, and Woofstock evolved as the ultimate shopping event for dogs in the world. The first year had maybe 50 exhibitors; now there are 200 vendors selling everything from clothing, prom dresses, cookies, vitamins, doggie ice cream and doggie spas. We have the Stupid Dog Trick Contest where the prize is a weekend for two at the Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel."

In addition to Timmie's, Cook shops at Bark & Fitz and Three Dog Bakery in the Beach.

"Barkley has cataracts and Bark & Fitz have doggie goggles ($35)," she says. "People think he is wearing them because they are cute but they are functional. I bought a great rolled-up bed in a Hawaiian print at Old Navy for Barkley. He gets up at 4 a.m. with me because I set up at the Sunday market at 5 a.m.

"I'm such a shopper. I'll buy a cheap top at H&M and an expensive Coach bag and I'll mix and match cheap with expensive for the dogs just like I buy for me. I like Old Navy designs."

Next stop: Old Navy at the Eaton Centre, where Barkley's tail goes into wag overdrive.

"Barkley loves Old Navy," Cook says. "Look at his smile."

Colourful fabric collars are priced at $7.50; doggie polo shirts go for $12.50; surfer dogs T-shirts are $10.50 and they match a Frisbee.

In fact, dog and adult clothes are often co-ordinated and Old Navy is holding a fashion show at Woofstock at noon on both days.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

OZ with his stylish Backpack

Check out my buddy OZ. He looks so cool with his Removable Backpack Harness. Now he can help his mommy carry grocery home. He's so lucky!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Globe and Mail Article - April 21, 2007



The bow-wow set now has a day spa where pooches can be pampered to within an inch of their wagging tails.

Tucked into the basement of Timmie Doggie Outfitters on Queen Street West, kitty-corner to the dog-walking mecca of Trinity Bellwoods Park, the spa offers pet colouring (for special occasions) and a Dead Sea mud scrub for those finicky frisky types. There's also ear cleaning and plucking and a pedicure that includes a "pawlish" of Fido's choice. Prices range from $10 for a mere nail trimming to $40 for a de-matting.

The spa opened Thursday night with a shaggy chic party featuring cupcakes for the dogs. To start, it will be open Fridays and Saturdays by appointment only.

"Our customers were demanding it," co-owner Georges Khayat says. "There isn't a groomer in the area right now and people who were already coming in asked us to do it because it would be convenient for them."

The clientele, which includes eTalk's Tanya Kim and Allen Chan, one of the current Designer Guys, hails from the neighbourhood.

Since June, Mr. Khayat and his business partner, Paul Ryu, have been operating the upstairs portion as an emporium selling doggie treats and accessories -- complete with imitation Chanel dog dresses (we kid you not) that cost $140. Mr. Ryu is the owner of the canine whose name graces their 1,000-square-foot shop.

The doggie spa is more than just a kennel with a comb. A stainless-steel, state-of-the-art dog-washing tub -- worth $5,000 -- takes centre stage alongside a pair of reclining "spa" tables in a contemporary design that wouldn't be out of place in the Museum of Modern Art.

This is where the deep-tissue massages and dog facials take place, services that even Mr. Khayat says seem a tad de trop.

"It is extreme," he allows. "But these are people who think of their pets as kids and they want to lavish on them all kinds of gifts and treats. They want their pets to look as stylish as them."

867 Queen St. W., 416-203-6789.

Spa Open House & Doggie Photo Exhibit Part 5

Spa Open House & Doggie Photo Exhibit Part 4