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Toronto Star Article - June 10, 2006

Ashley Shortall dresses her dog, Bigby, last night in preparation for the Woofstock fashion show.


Jun. 10, 2006. 01:00 AM

By Anna Piekarski
Staff Reporter

They dress like Paris Hilton, LeAnn Rimes and Lindsay Lohan — except they walk on all fours.

There was a frenzy of fur and fabric at Timmie Doggie Outfitters on Queen St. W. last night as dogs prepared for the fashion show at this weekend's Woofstock. Pink dresses, T-shirts, camouflage fatigues, hats and jewellery — if humans wear it, so do dogs.

"It's very Chanel," Angela Suh said, holding a white dress with a black belt and crystal decoration, a copy of one Lindsay Lohan wore. Mimicking celebrity fashions is a popular trend in dog clothing Suh said, as she dressed Tessie, a springer spaniel-poodle mix.

The show will be a highlight at Woofstock, the "largest outdoor festival for dogs."

The array of clothing at Timmie Doggie Outfitters could rival any high-fashion boutique: camouflage jackets, Hello Kitty T-shirts, dresses with matching purses, even jewellery. For the pet owner who doesn't want an entire outfit, there are stylish collars and bandanas.

Tessie will be wearing a sailor-inspired outfit in the fashion show: a red striped shirt complete with pleated skirt.

"We wanted to bring funkiness to Toronto's dogs," said Tessie's owner, Paul Ryu, who along with Georges Khayat owns Doggie Outfitters.

The dogs waited patiently as their owners picked clothing. There was something for every taste and budget. A pink designer dress, complete with heart-shaped crystal brooch, was $95, while a striped T-shirt was $35.

Woofstock organizer Marlene Cook said 10 designers are showcasing their fashions this weekend, with more than 160 vendors selling their wares.

Woofstock marks its fourth anniversary and the show has doubled in size this year. The outdoor event will take place in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood along Front St., between Jarvis and Scott Sts.

Admission is free and the fashion show starts at noon today and tomorrow.

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