Monday, August 27, 2007

Ringo's Big Camping Adventure

Hello Paul & George.

Sorry for not writing you in so long. It has been a great summer and its still not over.

After getting outfitted with my new Ruff Wear Life Jacket we headed up north to the cottage.

The cottage is inside Algonquin Park Ontario, to get there after the long drive you must take a boat to the other end of the lake. It's very remote and there is no electricity so everything runs on propane, the refrigerator, stove and lights. (how TV).

Attached are some photos taken while I was swimming, scanning the lake bottom and also my sleeping bag. It was so much fun and I loved using my lifejacket while riding in the boat and swimming in the lake. My owners, Shoshana & Martin had so much fun it was almost like being at summer camp. I made friends with the chipmunks and the loons. We are going to watch "Firehouse Dog " on my portable DVD Player. Speak to you soon as I need to get my Fall wardrobe ready.


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