Friday, November 16, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas - aujCollections Bed

Dev is the co-designer of the oft-tread country club fashion label, aujCollections. The clothing line, which is a collection of bright, preppy pieces and graphic orientated tees, also has a social function. With every cashmere-lined tee sold by aujCollections, the customer is given an access number, which they can plug into in order to receivefree mentorship enabling them to do something to better their world.
Customer’s projects have ranged from building water purification plants in Ugandan villages to helping out in a local Queen West soup kitchen. Dev, 23, also runs a non-governmental organization called, which helps youth in over 27 countries start community service projects. Dev maintained the aujCollections flare by designing a dog bed with the + 70 yachting culture in mind, “you can never be too safe” says Aujla on the durable outdoor canvas he used for the bed, “but I wanted to design a bed that would appeal to the Rod Stewarts and Nicolaas Besselings of the canine world.”

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