Friday, November 16, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas - Catherine Ryu Bed

Catherine Ryu is Head Woven’s Designer at LA based jean brand Adriano Goldschmeid. Straight out of university Cat was scouted to design for Club Monaco and quickly realized New York was where she needed to be. After paying her dues at Urban Outfitters in Philly for 2 years to secure her O1 Visa, NYC beckoned. Head hunted to CK Jeans she finally settled in at The Gap. 4 years in and on her way to a serious New York lifestyle including the Part Avenue apartment, she decided the constant hustle and freezing cold winters just weren’t doing it for her anymore, Cat upped stakes and moved to LA-LA. When asked “Why AG?” she simply reports, “They have this AMAZING denim R&D centre, it’s world renowned…” Everything about Cat is quality. She emanates strength and intelligence, with a side order of free-spirited nature girl. Whether it’s Cartier or camping, she’ll school you. Teach us oh wise one…

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